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Faded Shadow
« on: February 14, 2009, 01:34:24 AM »
I see you there
but you refuse to see me
to you I am an faded shadow
opposite of who I used to be.

I now feel erased
from your mind and soul
knowing I am not in your heart
makes me incomplete from whole.

I wish there was a new beginning
for everyday that we live
so that we could forget the past
and have a fresh start to forgive.

Its hard trying to move on
without you at my side
I want to tell you how I feel
but instead its something I got to hide.

I made so many friends
but its just not the same
it doesn't feel right without you
and it makes me feel lame.

You were once
my everyday star
I looked up to you for answers
but now I don't know where you are.

I don't know what burned you out
but your light has fallen from skys
it has made everything in my world go dark
and everything I know a lie.

I search for the answers
but it is something I never found
no matter how hard I looked
the answers were never around.

I changed so much without you
that I don't even like "the me"
I feel like a completely different person
and a person that I just don't want to be.

Everyone says its better this way
but in my heart I just don't believe
it screams out to me to keep trying
never to give up until I fail to succeed.

I'm totally lost
on whether to turn left or right
God gave me two opinions
but I can't see without my light.

She helps me through
when I am stuck
but now she is gone
and I am out of luck.

I always thought it would be a guy
to be the one to break my heart
but this time it was my best friend
because we are always now apart.

All the time she rolls her eyes at me
when she catches me trying to look
but she doesn't understand what I am searching for
because a piece of my heart is what she took.

She ripped herself away
and I didn't even understand why
but I took to long to show a reaction
so she decided it was time for goodbye.

Goodbyes is the one thing that hurts
its what makes you want to cry everyday
it makes you wonder if you could of done something to prevent it
in some kind of way.

Where is God
when I ask him if he's there
I can't see him
but in my heart I know he cares.

I love you lord
and I know what happens, happens for a reason
so I trust you lord to forgive me
for being selfish instead of pleasing!

I hate myself
for not seeing things before its to late
but my own problems blinded me
and now I have to live with this fate.
Blind are your eyes , your heart unfeeling . Your mind devoid of understanding , for lust , anger and burning desires, you are drowning without water .