Author Topic: Thats is DIFFERENCE between YOU & US...  (Read 1856 times)

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Thats is DIFFERENCE between YOU & US...
« on: March 16, 2009, 07:21:42 AM »
Difference between you and us..

This is your youth with every facilities in their lives
Getting admission in schools and universities easily
So we travel from cities to cities
Just to continue our education with alot of financial n other problems
but still your youth cannot compete us
But yet they are very intelligent
And we are Dumb
It is your youth enjoying their lives
In pizza huts,Bar b-qs,mcdonald and KFC
So we remain in our hostles & take meal according to our pockets
But yet you call us lazy and AARAAMPARAST
While you even cannot live with out these facilities
You even spent rs 3000 that day to watch a fight of snake on seaside for few mints
So this is the monthly income of a father of one baloch student
But yet we dont understand how to spend our money
So you know each and every thing
You spend alot of money for your muscles and body
So my youth in your age takes heavy load of work on their shoulders
But yet you say we waste our time in roaming here n there
At age of 18 to 25 you say its time for enjoyment
We have nothing to take with worries
So youth of my nation joins BALOCH STUDENT ORGANIZATION
And keep himself busy in education,writting articles,protests
& observing the pain of Baloch nation...
But yet you are aimful
And we are aimless
You with your big bodies,wearing paint n shirts
Talking in english no matter making sense or not or abusing in english
Call it modernization
While my youth wearning their traditional dresses
Speaking in their national language with some sense
Are very backward

No matter what do you say n no matter what power n facilities you have
But one day with same slavery n circumstances we will defeat you in every field of life