Author Topic: Dr. Haneef Sharif ey Balochi Film "Balaach " 3rd April a release boagaenth  (Read 22504 times)

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I want to write in english... because i and brother abdullah speak lyari like balouchi and im afraid some brothers here will think bad about our way of speaking balouchi just as one brother above said something about how karachi-wala balouchs like waqar & danish speaking in their balouchi films.

Sister Zahida said very rightly that we are always pin pointing irrelevant but heart breaking differences between ourselves and this is why we find it very hard to get ourselves united for any cause. We should learn from punjabis who find their punjabiat as a linking point between them even if it is between a muslim punjabi and a sikh punjabi... and we differentiate between us on small small issues only to get a feeling of worth... thats not the right way.

Having said that i really want to see this film which is being talked about here... as soon as its available.

There is no difference between any Baluch living in Baluchistan whether under occupation of Iran or pakistan or afghanistan and living in karachi or any where .... They all are one ...

Only there was criticism on their movies?
Beside that, every movie with a goal,objective and lesson is good
But look at their movies... full of non-sense
What crime they are doing may be they dont know...
We need to make our youth realistic... we need to tell them to change the circumstances you need to fight with it....
But because of such non movies inspite of making our youth realistic they are making them un-conscious,lost in dream and making their character like jokers....

ADE FALLAN DEM, ADE MANGAE WAGOO ----> WHAT NON-SENSE IS THIS? we Baluch were never so aimless,so un-civilized....

And by the way Film Balaach has been released already and available every where... beside that watch movie MANZIL as well as KARWAN

And About punjabis... i havent seen a jahil and janwar like them ....

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So far as my personal view is concerned, there is no issue until we create one. There is nothing wrong in appreciating or criticizing something that we find in our lives, but when we convey that message to others in an insulting manner then problems get created.

Whether we are talking about the emptiness in the jokes of some Baloch comedians or praising the good quality movies of some other Balochi artists, the point should be to educate not to undermine.

I think brother Meher's message is a bit emotional, I never felt bad about my speaking in Balochi here even though it's not pure Balochi but I wish to learn more and be able to speak with the same sweetness as sister Raji speaks.

With warmest regards,
Abdullah Baloch

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Polen Diwan.... Shoma Pakh Draah o Salamat Baatet,

Gulen Hammbalan, shoma jaye k Film'e sara wati hayala darshan kanet karachi o turbati filma pasetagent

Mani Hayala Dr ey film baaz jwan botag o cho manzil ey ranga yak rande pasa qouma yak paigame datag...


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Yeh Gwashag Lothit Danke Yakkei Kaarei Nazaant Behter Hamayent Vati Dasta Maan Madant.
Ballae Danke Vagaar Dabeinia Vati Dast Maan Madatein MOvie Towoka Balkein Deyerter Mahe Hayala Kaptagat Ke Ma Movie Towoka Chotor Wati Toughtaan Maan Bediyent. Vato Society Problemaan.
Vaqaara Agan Bei Balochi Labzaa Shoro Kot Ya Kari Weak Tant Deymi Vati Movie Yaan Sharter Bekanant. Anchosh Anni Baazeini Dast Movie Yaani Towoka Manent.
Omiteint Dr Haneef Shareef Movie Ham Yakkei Cha Hamayaan Bebit Ke Yak Objectivei Bebitei.
Movie JOwod Kanag Yeh Nahent Ke Mardom Bas Vati KHayaalat Va Parishaniian Aahi Towoka Beyarit o Bas Time Pass Bebit.
باز بلوچ بلوچ کننت ... بلی ما چی کت په بزگین بلوچین مات و گوندین طفلانی واستا که نان په ورگ نیستت


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Brat Lion of Desert... good to see your comments. For me too balouch are one nation... i don't differentiate them on the basis of their place or dialect or upbringing. Like what brother Abdullah said i reacted somewhat emotionally but we balouch are mostly emotional... About movies i tend to agree with you... they should present materials by which balouch minds could be prepared to deal with real situations.... it's only that we should at least give credit where it is due while criticizing on the weak points... that way communication becomes more effective.

Regarding punjabis.... i didn't say if they were jahil or educated... but only to say that they find the reason to support their community only in being punjabi... we should also find good reasons for supporting and uniting our balouch nation.