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dear baloch brother
« on: March 27, 2009, 10:02:51 AM »
Dear Baloch Brothers,

*I write to you with respect to new information collected about Balochistan.
In coming years there will changes to Pakistan/Iran’s entire
infrastructure (geographic structure). The Arabian/American and international
community is not happy with the Size of Pakistan and IRAN. There have been
high profile meetings between “The Arabs/Americans” to get rid of such
massive countries and put in place smaller countries.

*It is always shocking, any changes that takes place within the region, the
Baloch are not part of it.  I would like for all the Baloch people to be
united, ready and waiting for the right moment to come to capture what is
theirs by blood. "The main reason Baloch are not taken seriously is because
we are not united". Would you be able to ride a car that has no tires and
the engine is broken? NO, offcourse not; we are like a broken car we must
come together united with flying colors. We must like a brand new car that
is drivable. Our mission must be our numbers to sky rocket despite all
disagreements and bullshit that goes around from a bunch of childish people.
Lets ask our people to grow up and and take matters in our hands in our
region responsibly.

*What I mean is that all our people, leaders who Belong to big tribes and
clans must organize their people and at the right time when things are worse
for the enemies should make the right move. But being prepared this the KEY,
our people must always be on alert.

*It would be a waste to allow this never ending sleep of our nation to
continue. We do not want another Pakistan or Iran to be created by our Arab
friends across the ocean to cause further destruction our people. We do not
want the Pattans to rule over us again and destroy our entire existence. *

*Please share this information and make sure, that our Baloch leaders and
make sure they hear this unknown Tip to wake-up, organize and build-up your
numbers fast.  Time is running out and we are still mumbling around as if
nothing is happening.

*Unknown TIP by The Unknown friend!*