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Lottery Ticket
« on: May 26, 2009, 11:24:04 PM »
                                      'A ticket for the lottery
                              I've purchased every week,' said she
                                         'For years a score
                                 Though desperately poor am I,
                            Oh how I,ve scrimped and scraped to buy
                                         One chance more.

                                Each week I think I'll gain the prize
                                 And end my sorrows and my sighs,
                                             For I'll be rich;
                                   Then nevermore I'll eat bread dry,
                                     with icy hands to cry and cry
                                           And stitch and stitch.'

                                'Tis true she won the premier prize;
                                       It was of formidable size,
                                             Ten million francs.
                                 I know, because the man who sold
                                       It to her splenetically told
                                             He got no thanks.

                                    The lucky one was never found,
                                    For she was snugly underground,
                                               And minus breath;
                                    And with that ticket tucked away
                                    In some old stocking, so they say,
                                            She starved to death.

This poem by the popular canadian poet, Robert Service (1875-1958)