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“Shahmiren Balochaane Roch' 15 July”
“The Baluch Martyrs Day 15 July”

“Martyrs of Balochistan and Victims of State Terrorism”

Baloch, like many other nations, in their struggle for freedom and democratic rights have endured great sacrifices. In their endeavour to achieve these aims many have encountered and experienced the wrath of the occupying states. In consequence, many Baloch men, women and children in their struggle for their democratic rights including right to FREEDOM have been treated violently and inhumanly by the military and the intelligence services of these occupying states. The very harsh treatment of Baloch people is well recorded, particularly by states such as Pakistan and Iran. Since their illegal occupation of Balochistan these states have been involved in the systematic imprisonment, torture, abduction and execution of Baloch. Currently thousands of Baloch are missing from Pakistani occupied Balochistan; tens of thousands have been displaced. Similarly hundreds of Baloch have been executed by the Iranian regime in Western Balochistan and several are on death row waiting to be executed.

In tribute to sacrifices of the Baloch Martyrs the Baloch community in London have decided to hold a day of remembrance for these victims. The 15th of July of every year is the date designated for the purpose of remembrance, to make sure that their sacrifice for our freedom and our nation has not been lost in vain.

The day is nominated for “Martyrs of Balochistan and Victims of State Terrorism.” On this day there will also be an exhibition of pictures, names, and a brief description on the background of each victim.

The actual day that this Remembrance Day will take place in London is on Sunday 19th July 2009. The Remembrance Day starts from 12 noon to 5pm at:



Closest Tube station: Hammersmith Station.

We wish to request from all Baloch from Eastern, Western Balochistan or elsewhere to assist us to e-mail pictures, names or any other information regarding the Baloch martyrs and victims of state terror to the following E-mail addresses:

This is a public exhibition and we would like you to encourage your friends and relatives to visit this exhibition.
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