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I Miss you..
« on: June 30, 2009, 02:45:20 AM »
And yes, I know it's over due- the separation but you should give me some consideration
For you are my only hope to live and without you. I don't think I will survive.
Ever since I met you there hasn't been a second or two when I have not thought of you.
My heart beats will give you a clue of how much I love you...
And yes I know it's over due- the separation. but you should give me some consideration..
For you know better than all that you have filled my heart and soul.
Time is passing like a flash of light I wish I can hold you close and tight.
For us time will stay like frozen ice-there will neither be days nor nights.
I know dreams seldom come true but I have got some points to prove.
My love for you was as sincere you know it all.
I need not swear. if still you let me down and go
With a heart so heavy here I know it will be my final day.
I don't have a second to say...
I Miss You....