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When I fall in love with you
« on: August 25, 2009, 04:02:27 PM »

Since I met you…
I’ve fallen in love with you
At least a hundred times
For a hundred different reason

Sometimes I fall in love with you
When I watch you doing something you enjoy
Something you’ve so involved in that
You’re unaware of my presence

Sometimes I fall in love with you
When I listen to you talking to other people
Whatever you’ve been interesting or funny
 Or warm and caring and genuinely concerned
You have a way of making people fill better
With nothing more than words

Sometimes I fall in love with you
Just thinking about you
Remember all the memories we’ve made
Falling in love for the first times
Finding more to love about each other every day
And whenever I think about
The wonderful things that are a head of us
I fall totally and completely in love with you
All over again
I Bow My Head And Beg For Forgiveness
Once I Said My Prayer Everybody Back To Business

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Re: Reviews on Baluchi Books
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Soo swet!
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