Author Topic: Rights were never given but were snatched...  (Read 2645 times)

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Rights were never given but were snatched...
« on: August 30, 2009, 04:25:38 PM »
This is Man-kind
A special creation of God
Having mind and senses for betterment of itself
Wishes,Needs,Comfort,Desires are the weak points of this creature
But if Rulers of cruel society starts doing injustices
By putting you in a fire where there is no comfort, No stability
Where nothing is constant, where nothing is yours
An un-balanced society where looting,fraud & lies becomes common
And leading class starts playing with your needs
Starts blackmailing you by stoping supply of your needs...
Starts becoming a self claim God
And when life will close all the doors for you....
Then finish your needs for a while
Get your self prepared for a long journey with alot of adventure...
Stand on your own feets
Accept the challenges and pain
Because where there is pain, there is achievement n happiness
May be with every new morning you will break up in pieces
With new questions,stories and ways
And with every new night you will again become one by collecting pieces
With new solutions and answers ......
So breaking n reforming is a process to make things perfect
To reduce technical mistakes n problems...
You are owner of a great mind
Owner of Brave history n beautiful land
Yes you are a human and you have your rights on mother earth
But history is witness rights were never given but were snatched....

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Re: Rights were never given but were snatched...
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