Author Topic: I AM A DEFENDER OF MY COUNTRY  (Read 2322 times)

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The skill of defending one's self is by nature,history of the concept of defence goes back to th start of natural life itself because almighty Allah has created each and every living thing with a skill for self defence.
    There have been two kinds of skills to defence.
1.Natural Skills.
2.Learned Skills.
 Natural skills and power include anger,running away,fighting etc.By the time the human mind developed different states,kingdoms,countries and nations came into being and they felt the need to be more established and developed.then they learned more and invented some new tools and weapons to defend themselves against their enemies.4 example in the stone age they defended them selves with a tools made up of stones.then came the iron age,when human beings used to defend themselves with the help of weapons made up of iron,like axes,arrows and swords etc.

 Now a days ,we are living in an atomic scientific age,where different nations are forming armies,armed with powerful technologies  4 defence purpose.
we are baloch not talking just about now atomic life but in also ancient time in our nation greater personalties defend our balochistan and our baloch nation which r a great example of bravy and they did there duty to defend there mother land also in today atomic world baloch r struggling 4 defence of there motherland and salam to all martayers of my nation.
   now as a part of baloch nation,it is our moral duty to ask oueselves:

education i a blessing