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« on: March 09, 2010, 10:16:35 AM »
SMS Buddies

The latest technologies of today’s world have brought many conveniences to mankind. Mobile phone is one of those technologies. Today almost everyone has a mobile phone because it is very cheap and affordable. A call costs less than Rs.2/- and the rates of SMSs are in few paisas.

A few years back the situation was completely opposite of this. Only the elite class of the society had mobile phones and it was considered some sort of symbol of privileged class. People used to call or text one another when it was really necessary due to the high rates. 

Today one can send 500 SMSs for Rs.3/- or Rs.4/- and with the beginning of these rates (SMSs packages) a new trend has emerged. Sending SMS has become a hobby. SMS booklets have been published and websites have been created for SMS bugs from where they can get new SMSs.  We receive hundreds of SMSs everyday from different friends. They are even sometimes that many that we don’t bother to read them, we directly delete them. And sometimes we receive the same SMS from various people. 

As the trend of SMSs has emerged, a variety of SMSs have been observed: like from good morning to good nights SMSs, Quranic verses to Hadees, from quotations to jokes. There are SMSs for every occasion such as Eid greetings, Eid-e-Milaad , Moharrum, Shab-e-Mairaj, mother’s day, friendship days and many more.

Over the recent months the SMSs have become a good source of news and information. There are several “volunteers” who are always ready to inform us about the incidents going on in our surroundings. They sometimes inform us about different programs going to be telecast on T.V (though sometimes they have proved to be false). These guys have established their own brand names. Tojeel news, Jumberg news, are some instances of these brands.

While giving us information about recent events, these SMSs are also used for propagandas against the hated ones and they have really been some very effective source of propaganda.

It can be a very long subject but I am keeping this short here. I hope you will share your ideas on this one with me.

With fondest regards,

P.S: - This is dedicated to my friends: Hafiz Chabari, Saqib Jameel, Tariq Ali and others who have disturbed me very much with their bundles of SMSs.