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Stuck in the desert
« on: April 25, 2005, 02:18:57 AM »
Once an English-man, a Scottish-man and a Sardar were driving through a dessrt when their car suddenly broke down.
They all got down and prepared themselves for the long walk to the other side of the desert.
The English-man decided to take an umbrella along with him.
The Sottish-man pour water out of his bottle and replaced it with Scotch whiskey.
The Sardar pulled out the door of the car and carried it along with him.
On the way they came across a desert tribe who helped them. The chief of the tribe asked each why the got what they got along with them?
The English-man: Though the isn't any rain but the umbrella can block the sunlight.
The Scottish-man: Scotch whiskey is the greatest thrist quencher for Scotts.
The Sardar: When I feel very hot I can open the window of the car and let the cool air come i