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« on: May 13, 2010, 10:28:07 AM »
introduction :
Education is a basic need of every country, without education no country can flurish Neither it can get its objectives nor can it cope with turbulent situation. A country  legs behind without education. Education is a basic human right and has been recognized as such since the 1948 adoption of the universal declaration on human rights. since then numerous human rights treaties have reaffirmed this right and have supported entitlement to compulsory primary education for all children yet, it needs a lot of contemplation to check how it can further be improved.

In our country, Gender inequality in education is extreme. Girls are less likely to access school, to remain in school or to achieve in education. education helps men and women claim their rights and realise their potential in there economic, political and social arenas. It also the single most powerfull way to left people out of poverty. Education plays a particularly important role as a foundation for girls development towards adult life.
Rahshone(The Guide For The Right Way) is the first institution being launched in the community to impart education among the females. This is a step towards promotion of females of community. By improving educational opportunities for girls and womens, Rahshone helps women develop skills that allow them to make decisions and influence community change in key areas. In turn, it will have a positive impact on some of the most profound issues of our time. population growth, peace and security and the widening gap between the rich and the poor.

Mission :

To make a well standared institution which will be an aid to the female students of community in their education. To provide quality education to famales for improving their social and economic conditions. Our mission objectives are :

* To help the students to achieve their goals and be fully equipped for their future careers.

* To bring awareness in the community.

* To educate the women in the community and provide them opportunity to develop their capabilities and gain a bright future.

* To remove the deficiencies regarding different subjects which cause failure and disappointment.

* To provide potentially developed students to the region, who may play a vital role in development of the society.

* To improve their knowledge and provide standard education, so that over students are able to compete anyone in the field of education.

* To give them the knowledge of the Computer and English language as per the demand of the modern world.

Vission :

We help the students of community to get good and productive education by providing them a congenial and learning atmosphere. By provision of knowledge based education, we enable them to make their future decisions confidently.
Hoo Pada Hore Gowreth Mah Wathi Zamenan Keshen MAsh O Parmash Beth Dunya o Jehan e Murrg Kayanth Ksse Balle Nadanth Kase Hech Hum Nagosheth Par Cha K Ae MAni Zamen Anth Aeshe MAlik Man wathan........................................

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Re: Rahshon
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2010, 03:25:54 PM »
I Was Really Happy To See This Picture in The Website !!

Uploaded with

When It Comes To Balochistan I Think That There Is More Educated Women Than Men !!

However, They Dont Get The Chance To Practice What They Have Learned !! They Get Married And That Is The End Of It !!

This Organization Is Doing A Really Good Job In Promoting Women's Education !!

But Where is The Location Of This Organization ??? Whose Its Finder ???

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Re: Rahshon
« Reply #2 on: May 14, 2010, 04:15:42 PM »
Dear brother: first time this picture published over baask by our valuable member Majid Sahel / Majid Rahshoon (School Teacher in Panjgoor Balochistan) He captured this picture for Diwwan.  

Yes u r right Baloch women of Balochistan are more willing to get education but the lake of facilities are destroying there career.

Can u imagine one of our female member is the Lecturer (In a girls college of Balochistan) she said in her college only 300-500 seats and few classes are available for the students but the true figure of student they got admission is more then 1600. So many students could not get admission so they left their studies.

College principle requested to the authorized personnel of Balochistan as well as the Pakistan to provide them more class rooms, more seats, more teachers but the result was null.

Then after their principle requested to the boy's college to provide them some teachers. Now on temporally bases some male college staff are teaching in girls college.

sad aafareen en' may balochen' gohaaran' keh incho janjale e tooka ham waanagayan'
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Re: Rahshon
« Reply #3 on: May 14, 2010, 04:41:59 PM »
Thank You Gohar For Clarifiction About The Picture !!!

It Was Really Heart Breaking To Know About The Condition of Education In Balochistan !!1

I Think That Pakistani Government Should Care About This Issue Since It Consider It Self The Authoritative Figure Over Balochistan !!!

I Also Hope That The Free Fighters And Baloch Sardars Should Stop Wasting Their Money and The Lives Of Young Balochs In A War That Is Unequal In All Skills !!

Instead They Should Invest Their Money In Educating Young Balochs By Opening New Schools , Colleges , And Even Offering Scholarships For Education Outside The Pakistan !!!

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Re: Rahshon
« Reply #4 on: May 14, 2010, 05:32:27 PM »
Ey Aksaan Wahde Keh Mardom Gend Eit,Ham washaal o Ham Bad Haal,Washaali Eysh Ent Keh Wati Maati Doud o Robedagani wahond Ent o Sar Maan Tamaamen Jahana Chest Ent Keh Mae Chok,Gohaar o Raaje Zaalbul Ham Paasban Ant Wati Laj o Maddayani Wati Doud o Rabedagani.Doumi Gap Eysh Ent Keh Wanag o Zaanage Darbarage Jaah Pah Mae Chok , Zaalbulaan Baaz Jaahaan Pah Mazanen Moshkolaan douchaar Ant Darbarage Jaah Maan Dour o Darajen Handaan Kaptagant Pah Laachaaren o Pouryagiraani Yaa Keh Dehkaanani Chok o Zaalbulaan Mazanen oTouhen Bandaan Deyma Kaayant O Aa Delproush Bant, Baleh Sad Apareen Ent Hama Zalbulaan Keh Pah Wanag, Zanaga Goun Wati Raaje Marden Aadamaan Hamrah o Hamkopagant.
Marouchagen Zahmat, Ranj Baandate Sohbe Rozhn Ent.

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Re: Rahshon
« Reply #5 on: May 23, 2010, 06:20:32 PM »
Can somebody tell me about where about of this organisation???

Is it specialised in Providing Education for Baloch Women or it is for other Pakistani Women , too ????