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Nature is in IN...
« on: March 03, 2011, 11:31:44 PM »
Eternal Beauties of Nature are seen by nature itself. Human is nature itself not otherwise.I am astounded to see that people worship to gain potentials and powers for their lives by rejecting reality intoto as they are oblivious to this fact that they (potentials and powers) are present in Self not Outside. Outside world is a source/means to understand, feel, embellish, advance, raise and love your inner self for natural and pure goodness, love, virtue, blisss, knowledge, strengthing and well-being of Whole Natural being  and Outside world is not an  End itself!

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Re: Nature is in IN...
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2011, 02:54:37 PM »
1 - Can a person, a servant and interpreter of nature, to work and to understand, just as much as observed in reality (in fact) or thinking (in thought) from the path of nature. Outside the borders of that he does not know something and cannot do anything.
 2 - Cannot bare hand cannot understand abstract [alone] do many things. With a tools are doing the work. The tools they need to understand as much as you need by hand. Just as the hand tools granted by either the movement or direction, the tools for understanding the mind provide suggestions or caveats.
3 - Human knowledge and human power rub, if remained unknown reason could not come up with the result. Ordered to nature must be obeyed, so that as a reason for meditation is a rule in the workplace.
4 - In his quest to complete the work, all that man can do is a combination of natural objects or separated from each other. The remainder are by nature actors from the inside.
5 - It is a figment of the imagination sick and contradictory to expect that one can accomplish things that have not been completed yet, but the means have not been tested yet.
6 - Furthermore, what we now know has come thanks to the accident and laboratory experiment and not by science. Sciences which are the formats we have to arrange things that have been discovered, but not for innovation or curriculum guidance for new business.
 7 - Just as the science that we have now does not help us in discovering new works, as well as the science of logic that we have does not help us in the discovery of new science.
8 - The science of logic, the user is now working to stabilize and consolidate the errors, which find a common basis of ideas, rather than help in the search for truth, and that the damage it more than the finest.
 9 - Discoveries that have been achieved in science so far is not much deeper than the clichés, barely below the surface. In order to test the nature of Gore and carry out to the deep, it is necessary to draw (draw) ideas and axioms (axioms) of things in a more reliable and cautious, it is also necessary to approach the introduction of intellectual work better and more accurate.
10 - There are only two ways to search for the truth and discovered: first, the fleeing fugitive from the senses and particulars to the most general axioms, and these principles, which is what they are stable and firm, is going to power and to the discovery of the principles of moderation. This method is currently rolling stock. The other way, draw axioms from the senses and particulars, high in the rise of online and gradually until the more general axioms. This is the correct way, but they have not yet experienced.