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The Argentina Footballer (Messi)
« on: June 29, 2010, 04:12:44 PM »

Lionel Messi :The Argentina's Footballer Lionel Messi was born 24th june 1987,in Rosari Argentina. His father ,jorge, was a manger at a metals company.His mother Celia, brought in extra money as a cleaner.Lionel was the third of the couples three boys-his older brothers are named Matias and Rodrigi,Lionel has a sister ,Maria Sol.

Soccer had become a national obsession in Argentina by the time Lionel came along. One year before his birth, Diego Maradona had led the country to victory in the World Cup.

Lionel pulled on a Barca jersey and scored five goals in a scrimmage. Rexach saw enough to make the Messi’s an offer: Move to Spain and the club would see to it that their son had the best medical treatment and soccer training. Johan Cruyff, who watched the tryout, said later that FC Barcelnoa officials decided that Lionel would not leave that day without a contract.

Lionel joined Barcelona’s U-14 squad and became the best player on the team. As he learned the nuances of the game, he moved rapidly through the organization, joining the C team and then the B team before earning a spot with the club's A team. Lionel made his debut for FC Barcelona in a non-league game against FC Porto in November of 2003. He was six months pat his 16th birthday.

Lionel played in his first Spanish League game with Barcelona in mid-October of 2004. He started the season as a reserve-squad player but saw more and more time as injuries felled key teammates on the big club. His first goal came the following spring in a game against Albacete Balompié.

He did better in his first World Cup match, playing a solid game against Paraguay in a qualifier won by Argentina 1–0. Before the game, he called it his "re-debut,” joking that his first appearance was “rather short.”

  Lionel’s first test came in a September UEFA Champions League tilt with Italy’s Udinese. The Barcelona fans gave him a standing ovation when he entered the game as a sub, and he rewarded them by working several magical combinations with the team’s star, Ronaldinho. During the year, he made several jaw-dropping plays, saving his best for Barcelona’s toughest European opponents, including Juventus and Chelsea.

Lionel is strong, fast and creative. He is comfortable at any of the forward positions and is not intimidated by bigger players. There is almost nothing he cannot do on a soccer field, and his powerful shot makes him especially good on set plays, such as penalty kicks and corners.
Lionel Messi , 2007 Futera
  Lionel breezes past defenders almost effortlessly, feinting one way until a tackler commits and then taking the ball in the opposite direction. When he gets up a head of steam, opponents find themselves having to guess which way he will go—he gives away little with his body language.
Ultimately, Lionel’s greatest genius is a result of his size. Because he does not have the physique to make space for himself, he does so in other ways. He is always aware of the players around him and will give up the ball knowing he’ll get it back in better position. No one in pro soccer is as good at creating space and opportunity where none seems to exist. 
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