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Proud To Be a BaLoucH..!
« on: July 31, 2010, 05:28:43 AM »
I Live In Reallity But i Have My Own Fantasy.
There iS Pain iN mY Eyes,But a sHine iN My smiLe.
I Lose aLot But stiLL Live To Fight AnothEr dAy.
EverythiNg Around Me iS Down But StiLL I NevEr Lose Hope.
I am Hated By a fEw But Loved By aLot More.
I am RemembEred By mAny And Forgotton By Some.
I am OutSpoken Yet So Shy.
I am Not a BeaSt That's Why I Love PEace.
I am nOt The bEst But I Always HeLp othErs To Be The Best.
I am An Extraordinary pErson iN sUch An Ordinary Way!
That's What I am a BALOUCH
By Geoghraphy
By HistoRy
By CuLture
By Morality And
By Attitud..!!!
Unhi Lamho'n Ki Tasweer Hai Hayat
Chand Lamhe Jo Tumhare Sath Guzaray Hum ne