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« on: January 31, 2007, 12:02:55 AM »

      Time is a common possession amongst all, yet everyone is in search of more time to complete their tasks. Successful people are those who take full advantage by using their time through careful planning and keeping their future goals in mind. Here are few dos and don’ts that would help you manage your time in a more productive manner.

List down the important things
      People have a habit of complaining for their lack of time. Before complaining, try listing down all the things that you wish to complete today, tomorrow or in the next week.

Plan your time

      Allocate reasonable amount of time to the things you have listed down. Don’t be too harsh on yourself; at the same time avoid giving more time to small things. For instance, giving more hours day for studies in fine but assigning a whole day doing an assignment is unfair.

Choose wisely

      Life is full of choices and choosing the right things makes the difference. Try to work on things that are more important to you, the task of lesser value would be done easily once you get the big load of your chest. Doing homework is more important than going for walk.

Organize your mind

      Sometimes things are not that difficult but they are jumbled up in your mind and create stress. Jot down all the important things that you have done. This not only reduces stress, but gives you a clear view of what else needs to be good.

Take help

      Sometimes taking help saves time. If you can’t iron your cloths because you have an exam the next day, ask your siblings or mother to iron them for you.

Stay ahead

      When scheduling and marking a daily plan, always remember to give 50% more time than needed in case of interruption and mishaps. Suppose you have to submit an assignment a week later. Try to complete it in the next five days and leave two days for emergencies, may be your work would be halted by a power failure or your computer may be break down.

Learn to say no

      Helping others is a good deed but sometimes it causes trouble for you. In order to help the other person you may not be able to complete your own work. So don’t hesitate to say ‘NO’.

Rise early
      When you have an important task upon your shoulders, try to wake up early to start your work. Not only you would feel fresh but it’s my own experience that the early you wake, the longer becomes the day for you.

Enjoy life too

      Sometimes we get so obsessed with saving time that in the process, forget that enjoying life is so important. Try to plan in such away that you get your work done and get some leisure time too.

Skip parties

      Some people put their studies on stake and go to parties and birthdays and other social gatherings for enjoyment. You are responsible for yourself to try putting these events aside. The time you complete your work would be a big celebration for you.

Use your spare time

      Managing time doesn’t only mean how you plan your time; it also means how effectively you use your spare time. When traveling, keep a book to let you pass your time in a productive manner.

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Nice sharing Alhaan. (y)
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Alhaan dear the post has already been shared.... :)
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If i knew that this post is already shared then i never send it.