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Mir GuL Khan Naseer.
« on: February 17, 2011, 11:21:46 AM »
This Topic is Based On Gul khan Naseer poeTries and please do share with us his PoeTries BuT Should be in EnGLisH ThanK You.

We WonT SiT SiLenT

Tie our hands behind our backs or blindfold our eyes,
Our seething furious mountains will always make us rise

For the honour of our Motherland, we'll organize & fight
You won't see us hide, from the fear of your bullet's might

Raining bullets can't suppress the power of the people
No longer can one, with the sword, rule all the feeble

Demanding for your rights, elates your self-respect
Butchering our self-respect isn't as easy as some said

This soil's been our home, after death it's been our grave
So, for evermore, I am this soil's slave

If you can cross the carcasses then come listen to me!
Our fates have been entwined, my freedom means you're free

Our proud necks won't bend or break, we'll stand against the wind
I am Nasir the Zagr, yet a continuity of The Rind.
"I LoVe To WaLk In Rain BcuZ NoBoDy See My Tears"

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Re: Mir GuL Khan Naseer.
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2011, 11:30:57 AM »
SoCiaLisM CharM

Today, the world is changing fast
Socialism's charm is in full swing

Sindh's Wadera, with a bank balance of millions
Is telling Lenin how socialism should be

Punjab's rich and pompous Chaudary
Is twisting and twining socialism

Khan Sahib (of The Pashtuns), whose pockets are full of cash
Is (pretending to be) trembling in agony [like the strings of a violin]
On the pain of the proletariat

Mir Sahib (of the Balochs) is looting the impoverished Baloch farmers (not the big landlords)
On pretext of enacting land reforms (like Mao)

Even as I am uttering these words
The fire burning in my heart is barbecuing it

The dacoit has donned the mendicant's garments
The murderer's thoughts are of earning rewards from God

The defendant wants to be the judge
Thieving pigs desire to be compared to friends of the Prophet

The wolf yearns to be made the shepherd of the sheep
The cat dreams of getting pieces of fresh meat

The mouse is craving for flour
The jackal is impatient to get its hands on the hen

The rich and powerful are asleep
The black snake (the bourgeoisie) is burning

The bosses' brains are located in their heels
The ship of their thoughts is sailing towards a mirage

These Mirs and Waderas fail to realize
That imperialism is about to leave (its foot is in the stirrup)

The poor labourers and farmers
Have their loins girded, and are ready for a revolution

The age of flattery has gone
Now things will happen as they do in the books

The public have become their own masters
The bubble of the aristocrats is about to burst

Take a look at the tides of change
Nasir is moving forward with the red flag

"I LoVe To WaLk In Rain BcuZ NoBoDy See My Tears"

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Mir GuL Khan Naseer.
« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2011, 11:35:25 AM »

The Mullah getting ready to deliver his sermon,
Stroked his beard proudly,
And started preaching:

"One is a Master, One is a Mir (a leader or chief)
One is a Ruler, One is a Pir (a saint)
One is sad, another is happy

One makes heaps of wealth
One is starving, One is fed
One's faults are visible, another's are hidden

One rides his steed,
Wears only the best
His galloping horse kicks up dust

While another Bare-footed,
Naked and hungry
Miserably drags himself through life

Without a doubt it's God's will
It is written in the Righteous Book (Quraan)
That the path is narrow and quite tough

Five fingers can never be equal
God himself has made it that way
Don't complain, accept this as fate"

Waves of anger rising in my heart made me interrupt him
I said: "May you be smitten O Mullah!
Don't lie so much!

Evenings of begging have left you blind
The Devil has over-powered you
Why are you hiding the truth like this

Humans of every kind are alike
Men and women, both, are equal
Just as Honour and Dignity are the same

Humans aren't high and low
O Moron! Just read the Quraan
You've been misled by the Satan

These Mirs, Masters and Sardars (Tribal Chieftans)
These Pirs, Clerics and Zardaars (the Wealthy)
These are the real roots of evil

They are criminals and pimps,
Traitors of humanity,
Blood sucking Leeches and Poisonous snakes

They travel in cars and planes
Their houses are furnished with velvet carpets
And they eat from golden plates

I know you're mouth is watering
You're living off loans from the Rich
Mullah! Now just think

From where did they get this wealth?
How did they amass this fortune?
How did they become our masters?

Mullah! Stop making excuses
The mother's womb didn't provide them with all these riches
Nor did the sky rain money on their heads

Listen to my words,
Open your eyes, remove the blindfold
The answer is right infront of you

They have stolen the rights of the weak,
Looted the property of the poor
And disrobed everybody in sight

Who has told you this is fate?
It's an argument not thought out,
A serious blow to faith

Mullah! Now don't you mislead
Don't stray people off the path of God
Just to satisfy the affluent

Don't sell your faith for cash
Don't present the lies as truth
And stop your incessant gibbering

The times have now completely changed (from head to foot)
You're going to vanish alongwith the rich,
The aristocrats and the powerful monarchs

A better age will dawn upon us
When no one will be worried for food
And there won't be wars over money

Mullah! It's time you woke up and smelled the air
In this new world your obsolete teachings won't work
There won't be anymore killings in religion's name

Humanity's liberation is inevitable
Mullah! If there's any doubt in your heart
Then a lesson you ought to be taught
"I LoVe To WaLk In Rain BcuZ NoBoDy See My Tears"

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Mir GuL Khan Naseer.
« Reply #3 on: February 17, 2011, 11:51:16 AM »
BaLoCh PeaSanT AnD The PoeT

The Baloch Peasant Says:

These plains, these fields are mine                       
These prairies and pastures are mine
These Basils and Spikenards are mine                 

These mountains and deserts are mine
These meadows and wastelands are mine
I am the King of this land

My camel is strong
The Mahpal1 on its back is a bed of flowers 
I load it, ready it then I set off

I go anywhere, I go everywhere
Spending a night here and a day there
I am the King of this land

I stop wherever I want to stop
Wherever beauty or greenery I see
I sit and am embraced by thoughts

Enjoying nature’s picturesque scenery
This moment I forget all of my worries
I am the King of this land

Meadows and fragrant, musk-scented lands
Greenery, clouds and the beauty of spring
Rain, (lightning) and the sound of thunder

Sightseeing, picnics and game to be hunted
Oil and milk and dates
(All of these are found here)
I am the King of this land

My dreams and wishes are realized here
My enemy is weak whenever he’s here
My foes can never reach this place

No one can stop or question me here
Everyone here knows who I am
I am the King of this land

I have got knives and shining swords
I have got guns and elegant daggers
I always clash with evil

And attack like a lion
No one survives a fight with me
I am the King of this land


I am my own chief and ruler
I am my own Khan and king
My faithful sword is my aid

My trusted gun a wise advisor
Long live O Nasir!
I am the King of this land

The Poet Says:

You! You are nothing but a coward
A naked and hungry beggar
Lacking even an ounce of dignity

I am telling you the truth
As far from a King as can be
You are worse than a slave

Your plains, your fields are occupied
Your prairies and pastures are occupied
Your Basils and Spikenards are not yours

Your mountains and deserts are occupied
Your heart and soul are chained
You are worse than a slave

You go everywhere, anywhere you can
Just like a beggar, a tramp
You are wretched, you’re hungry and nude

This was done to you by the Farang2
May the serf be damned!
You are worse than a slave

Your meadows and musk-scented lands
Call out for you, just listen
“O brave lion!” Just as you called yourself

Still you are not ashamed
For pulling these thieves’ carriages
You are worse than a slave

Your knives and shining swords
Have rusted in their sheaths
Your back has been broken, eyes are blind

You’re nothing but a humble servant
Do not be fooled by your colour
You are worse than a slave

Coward and weak and timid
Ignorant, illiterate and blind
Frail and fragile, alone

Scrawny, wounded and bankrupt
You are weaker than weak
You are worse than a slave

Alas! O Prisoner of the Farang!
Famished and naked beggar
Sacrificial lamb for your sardar3 and chief

A means of income for the Mullah and Pir
Who says you are Nasir?
You are worse than a slave
MeaninGs Of Some WorDs.

1- Mahpal: A soft cushion made from pillows and quilts and loaded onto a camel's back so that women and
   children may ride it.

2- Farang: The British.

3- Sardar:  The chief of a Baloch tribe.

"I LoVe To WaLk In Rain BcuZ NoBoDy See My Tears"

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Mir GuL Khan Naseer.
« Reply #4 on: February 17, 2011, 11:59:28 AM »
Mir Gul Khan Nasir's has written This poem in Central Jail Mach,on Bangladesh Prime Minister Shiekh Mujibur Rahman's Assassination.

Cries and shouts and hurried calls
A colourblind crowd is celebrating

They say, “It’s dawn” but when I look at life
The dark, black night is in full swing

Lighting strikes and a voiceless thunder
It seems as if clouds are raining somewhere far off

But the smell of rain doesn’t permeate the air
Instead, blood is rising up in a ditch

O fools! Where is the bright morning?
The enraged night is still here and strong

The Yazeed-like imperialists are still
Crushing the bones of the valiant patriots

In the populated and scenic Bangladesh
Once again a storm of blood is rising

Again the agents of imperialism
Are setting cities and villages on fire

Mujeeb, the celebrated patriot
Is sprawled on the ground in a pool of his own blood

He’s been dressed by the accursed (slaves of imperialism)
In a red coat decorated with bullets (as medals)

The contemptuous agents of foreigners (imperialists) have committed genocide
Again, it is the story of Hussain against Yazeed

O courageous comrades! Be privy to the Yazeedi nature
In your (unity and) wellbeing is their loss

The mouth (they speak through) might be theirs
But the tongue in it is that of the imperialists

They’re vain because their pockets are full of money
And their aid is the imperialists and (their) platoons

For the extermination of the brave patriots
They’ve been provided with countless weapons and forces

There’s no mercy in the hearts of these cowards
It is because of them that the world is dark

They don’t allow the flame of freedom to burn
Dousing it wherever they see it alight

Mujeeb, the fearless Bangla Bandoo (Friend of Bangladesh)
Is infront of the firing squad with his family

Again, the flag of freedom is flying at half mast
The imperialists are back to their old tricks and deceptions

Again, conflicts are being resolved with the gun
Again, The Golden Land (Sonar Dhartee) is on fire

O brave friends! This is how time shoves us
In the same manner my motherland (BALOCHISTAN) is also burning

Don’t be timid O Warriors! Don’t stop,
Even though the path is tough and filled with hardships

Mujeeb’s blood will, at no cost, go to waste
This is just a test of the steadfastness of the patriots

It won’t last; this night of terror won’t last
Even though it’s dark and foggy at the moment

Nasir sees clearly, with his heart
The flag of your victory waving in the wind.
"I LoVe To WaLk In Rain BcuZ NoBoDy See My Tears"