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Gold Desposists and Gold mines in Baluchistan
« on: May 15, 2012, 04:07:18 PM »

Gold Desposists and Gold mines in Baluchistan

Baluchistan is very rich in natural resources and minerals. The research team is in process with mapping of the riches of Baluchistan that belong Baluch population, but are outsourced by regims in Tehran and IslamAbad, China and foreign companies.
Name of  mineral deposit|Type of mineral|Location of deposit
•Reko-dhekk ( Ricodig ) | Gold | Chagi 
•Seyahein -dhekk ( Saindak)   |Gold   |Chagi 
•Bazman   | Gold     |Bazman 
•Dastgerd   | Gold   | Minab 
•Zardkoh (Yellow Maountain )    | Gold.  |   Pahra 
•Amroudak. |   Gold      |Amroudak Wash ( khash ) 
•Geyaban |   Gold      |Geyaban 
•Ladez   | Gold      |  Ladez 
•Karwandar   |Gold   | Karwandar 
•Mirjawa   |  Gold   |  Mirjawa 
•Eskelabad |   Gold     |  Eskelabad 
•Tal e Seyah   |  Gold   |  Koh e Lar ( Lar mountain ) 
•Seyah Jangal     |  Gold   |  Taptan 

Three major gold mines in Baluchistan. The large gold mines in Baluchistan are located in Seyahein dhekk, Rekodhekk in Chaghi district and Bazman in Western Baluchistan .

Gold deposits in Seyahein dhekk (Saindak)
China Metallurgical Company began the systematic mining of gold, silver and copper in seyahein dhekk ( Saindak ) in 2003. " Seyahein dhekk ( Saindak ) project was based on estimated ore reserves of 412 million tonnes containing on average 0.5 gram of gold per ton and 1.5 grams of silver per ton. According to official estimates, the project has the capacity to produce 15,800 ton of blister copper annually, containing 1.5 ton of gold and 2.8 ton of silver".
China Metallurgical Company and the central government of Pakistan have neglected the ligitime right of Baluch people over natural resources  in Baluchistan. They show no respect to the Baluch people who have lived in this land for thousands of years.
Calculations based on the Chinese estimates in 1970 show that the weight of deposits and ore of gold, silver and copper in
Seyahein Dhekk is in excess of 412 millions tonnes ( 412 000 000 tons ).
Gold deposits in Rekodhekk (Ricodig) Rekodhekk in Chaghi district of Balochistan is rich in gold and copper deposits of high quality. The weight of gold ore and copper deposits in Rekodhekk is estimated approx. one billion three hundred million (1300000000) tons.
Since 2006, Barrick Gold Corporation, Antofagasta Minerals and Tethyan Copper of Australia have launched a massive recovery and outsourcing  project  in Rekodhekk. These companies have signed contracts rekodhekk mining with the Pakistani army and the central government. General Musharraf's military government signed a contract with Barrikk Gold  Corporation in 2006. The details of rekodhekk contracts were not disclosed.
The research team has already sent letters and e-mail to the companies involved and asked them about the clarification of rekodhekk contracts. The team has not received any answer yet.
Gold deposites in Bazman Bazman gold deposites are located in Western Balochistan in Iran.  Bazman gold mine is controlled by the Iranian government, Khatam alanbiya Companies and Revolutionary Guards. The Iranian mineral and industry dep. has many times invited the non-baluchi investors to invest in Bazman gold project.
According the governerhouse  in Baluchistan and iranian indutry dep.  gold deposits in Bazman are among the largest in the whole Iran. Details about bazman gold mine, the area, the estimated weight and value were not disclosed.

Research team for the mapping of Baluchistan's natural resources and mines.
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