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Landscape and ecology in baluchistan
« on: May 19, 2012, 12:47:38 AM »
Landscape and ecology in baluchishtan

Balochistan's landscape is composed of barren, rugged mountains and fertile, but dry, land. Most of the land is barren, particularly in the Iranian and Afghan side of the region, and it is generally sparsely populated. In the south Makran lies the desert through which Alexander the Great passed with great difficulty.

Agriculture in the region is based on the cultivation of kharif crops. Cultivation is often located in alluvial fans, along river-courses, and in fertile areas which are maintained through artificial irrigation systems such as qanats (holes sunk in the ground to trap water) and gabarbands (low stone and earth mounds which create raised beds which, in turn, become saturated by rainfall and water run-off from the surrounding hills). In the southern Makran and oasis region (south of the Chagai Hills) the date palm is grown and cultivated. Orange orchards are also typical in southern Balochistan, particularly Jhalawan and Sarawan.
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