Author Topic: Is Balochistan Rich In Minerals?  (Read 4410 times)

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Is Balochistan Rich In Minerals?
« on: November 16, 2011, 05:19:42 AM »
Geological Survey of Pakistan has established
following locations of commercially exploitable
minerals in Balochistan province . Their details are as under:
A. Metallic Minerals
(1) Aluminium Ziarat and Kalat (large deposits)
(2) Chromium Lasbela, Khuzdar, Kharan, Muslim
Bagh and Zohb (all fairly large deposits)
(3) Copper Chagai, Saindak, Lasbela and Khuzdar Districts
(4) Lead/Zinc Lasbela, Khuzdar and Dudder ( over
10 million Tonnes of high grade ore (5) Gold Saindak and Chaghai Districts
(6) Iron Chaghai (about 50 million tonnes of high
grade ore)
(7) Platinum Lasbela, Khuzdar, Kaharan, Muslim
Bagh and Zhob Districts
(8) Uranium Chaghai (very small quantity) b. Non Metallic Minerals
(1) Alum Koh-e-Sultan (Used in dyeing and
tanning industry) (2) Asbestos Zhob, Muslim Bagh and Lasbela
(3) Barytes Khuzdar, Lasbela and Koh-e-Sultan
(Used as flux in smelting Iron and manganese)
(4) Flourspar Kalat District (Used as flux in
manufacture of steel and aluminium) (5) Gypsum Spin Tangi, Harnai and Chamlang
(6) Limestone Duki, Barkhan, Quetta, Sharigh,
Harnai, Khuzdar and Makran Coast (more than 5
Billion Tons)
(7) Dolomite Quetta, Kalat and Khuzdar areas
( Used as chiefly refractory material, about 5 Billion tonnes deposits) c. Industrial Minerals. These minerals are non
metallic and not as glamorous as metals ores but have good economic value. Use of industrial
minerals is essential for the production of metals.
Their further types and location are as under:
(1) Abrasive Mineral Used in different industries
for grinding, cutting, boring, sharpening, buffing
and polishing. Those found in Balochistan include Garnet, Pumice, Perlite and Basalt d. Chemical Minerals
(1) Common Salt Chagai and Makaran Districts
(2) Borax, Borate, Carbonate and sulphate
Minerals   Chagai, Panjgur, lasbela and Makaran
(3) Sulphur Chaghai and Kachi Districts e. Fertilizer Minerals
(1) Potassium Fertilizers Chaghai and Kachi Districts
(2) Nitrate Fertilizers    Chaghai District
(3) Phosphate Fertilizers Bolan Pass
(4) Magnesium Fertilizers   Khuzdar, Kalat , Muslim
Bagh and Zhob Districts f. Paint and Pigment Minerals
(1) Talc(Soap Stone) Zhob District
(2) Ochr Ziarat District Anonymous

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Re: Is Balochistan Rich In Minerals?
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The answer is YES , Read this Topic :,7757.0.html
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