Author Topic: Pomegranate useful in the treatment of 11disease  (Read 1973 times)

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Pomegranate useful in the treatment of 11disease
« on: May 23, 2013, 08:35:17 PM »
Pomegranate useful in the treatment of 11disease
A recent scientific study confirmed that pomegranate fruit useful in the treatment of 11 diseases as well as to take advantage of the human body of nutrients available and confirmed a study by the Center for Food and post-harvest technologies after saying that pomegranate seeds coated juices crystalline and which are used in fruit salad wipes bacteria that cause diarrhea. It also strengthens the heart, stomach and urine and generating appear blood and dissolve the kidney stones and soothing the high temperature of the human body .The study pointed to the flowering pomegranate powder used against diarrhea and drink that pomegranate skin benefit to expel tapeworms to contain theanine fluorides and organic acids and volatile oils. The study showed that pomegranate can be used in the treatment of nervous debility and some tumors that infect mucous membranes, especially if used with honey. The study showed that pomegranate fruit containing sugar at rates varying from 10 to 15 percent and 1 percent of citric acid and high levels of water and waste and protein to the side of the fiber added to a few percentages of phosphorus and iron.

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Re: Pomegranate useful in the treatment of 11disease
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very informative.
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