Author Topic: Education in Mother Tongue but the destine of Baloch Nation  (Read 9851 times)

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Education in Mother Tongue but the destine of Baloch Nation
« on: February 21, 2013, 07:52:30 AM »
Education in Mother Tongue but the destine of Baloch Nation
Education is considered as the backbone of society; in fact, education highlights the development of a society. History reveals those nations who have led in every walk of life, which gave prime importance to education. It is education which determines the way of development for a nation. It is the basic right of every individual to be taught in his or her own language from school level. However, what a tragedy in Balochistan, we are deprived of education in mother language Balochi. It is not being taught in governmental schools. Therefore, a portion of Baloch is unable to speak excellent Balochi and majority of them cannot read and write Balochi.

Education is basic right of human beings. Definitely, every developed country is playing its role to further human civilization. According to a survey, every Chinese has a library in his houses, as the result 98% Chinese are educated. In Japan, each one has a library; as the result 99%  people of the population is educated. That’s why, today Japan and China are ruling over the world’s economy.

When we see the condition of our education in Pakistan, there are almost 150,000 public educational institutions with ruptured infrastructure and constantly shrinking facilities. 45% to 52% libraries condition is the worst.

It is said to mention that Baloch have always been deprived of education’s basic needs, and whenever they talked of their educational rights along with others, they have been deceived and feared to stop demanding their rights.

Lastly, what I believe education is basic right; hence the denying series must be suspended. Let’s determine a dream to make the people of our motherland Balochistan educated and progressed in every walk of life.

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