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Love Is Not So Easy To Find by Javed Ali Baloch
« on: April 15, 2005, 04:45:40 PM »
Love Is Not So Easy To Find

Beyond my view, I hear a voice
I hear someone calling me
A beautiful virgin stands far away
It's her fragrance that I can smell
Only her beauty is what I can sense
Her presence is far beyond my eyes

A distance lays between us two
A path that is very tough to follow
On the other side she stands with her arms wide open
She calls me again in her delicate voice
Having no words to reply to her
I calmly listen to what she says

Then I move forward and I get to see
A vivid image of a beautiful girl
Waiting for her beloved to come
When I reach her I open my eyes
And wake up from a pleasant dream
Then a thought strikes my mind
Love is not so easy to find

Javed Ali Baloch

Copyright ©2005 Javed Ali Baloch
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