Author Topic: The women capacity in Balochi proverbs ... by ADNAN DIL DOST  (Read 4553 times)

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The women capacity in Balochi proverbs ... by ADNAN DIL DOST
« on: April 28, 2013, 08:56:01 PM »
The women capacity in Balochi proverbs

The proverbs are expression behaviors and problems and gregarious values the  people  accepted  them  and sometimes proverbs are released a meaning such of acceptance of people, like rule in society.
And about the Balochi proverbs that are general about Baloch women for example:
Wretch Sado that’s all children are girl.
بیچارگ سَدو کہ چُکی پھک جَنین انت۔
And this proverb is about importance male then female, that’s reason is economy and agricultural life for family and tribe needs physically power and fighter men, for protection family possession in past and tribe involvement the girl and women in war and emigration are have low ability.
And people believe male are prefer than female child, and this reason the mother after a lot of give birth not take male child are low charity in society or her husband for have sun they are bound second marriage.
The language is prevail and gossip proverbs bed they are in the mind and language native believes are transfer and thought and people belief in length of history are accepted and they meaning of sentences are register it is in mind and language.
Exp1: the Deer are find height of mountain and poor wife you find cheap.
درور 1:سیدبُرزماںکوھانانت،بےمالیںجنیںارزاناِنت۔
Exp2: both things are take white hair: first wife second sorrow.
درور 2:دوچیزمودااسپیتکنت: یکےجنیں،دومیگم ۔

And these proverbs have general meaning and cover all aspects in life and are take different kinds of society.


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Re: The women capacity in Balochi proverbs ... by ADNAN DIL DOST
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2013, 01:01:17 PM »
Waja a Baloche Batal cho   ee wadent   :   Garent Sadoo Goon  Jadeen Jenekan :

ee batalee puzzdar ee wadenth:::    Sadoo  e  chuck  7 janek tant , goda sadoo a k  pada chooke umeetwari bet  Sadoo  Becharag sak Galat  k ee chuk  mani balken mardeen bet, wahdee kee sadoo

 chelag bet goda jaade e kut bezan 2 jenekee padak kut, pesha mudam yak o yak jenekee pidaak kutag , balee  e  randa 2 Jenek  e pidak kut , ee wasta goshant ke   " Garenth Sado goon jadeen  nejekan "

Baloche har Batalee puzdar a matlab e ast.

Minat waran

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Re: The women capacity in Balochi proverbs ... by ADNAN DIL DOST
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2013, 10:19:57 AM »
waja sheh mureed shoma wati jagaea rast goshet bale hame batal 5 o 6 ranga keat o pada am ame koshest bota k dar meani batal gechen kanag be bit.
pada ham noken range pesh daraga ment war.