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Slight History of the Prehistoric Language,“Balochi”
Mariyam Suleman Baloch, Gwadar

An inimitable treasure based on words originated by humans as a tactic of
communication, a Language may perhaps be as essential as the other necessitates for life
to sustain. Language is the possession which perhaps more than any other attributes
distinguishes humans from other animals. Analysts articulate that being a social
creature, humans need to express their thoughts, expressions, believes, opinions in
addition to ideas. In today’s world, assuming life devoid of a particular language might
be the weirdest thing to think about.
Predominantly in the early times, a language was only a mean of communication for
daily basis. But humans' needs increased with the passage of time. To pass on social,
civil, political, traditional, cultural, religious and ideological thoughts most languages in
the world got their unique form as written. There might be innumerable facts that we
don’t know yet about the nature and the origin of language but the science of linguists
and their investigations throughout the history present that the analysis of spoken
languages dates back to more than thousands of years in Mesopotamia, Babylon or other
ancient places.
However not all writings of pre-historic times could be preserved but fortuitously
several could. Today, a number of historical languages that could survive might either
had tremendously evolved, had been influenced by other languages or remained alive
with a few minor modifications.
Surveys and excavations carried out under difficult conditions in eastern and western
Balochistan in the twentieth century, brought outstanding quality of prehistoric aesthetic
concepts about Balochi language, which were previously unknown. Along with the
results obtained by excavated materials and other researches, Syed Zahoor Shah
Hashimi, perhaps the greatest Balochi writer and researcher opened new doors of
knowledge about Balochi language that dates back to prehistoric times. Balochi as a
language being a historical inheritance of the ancestors had might taken the place to
identify and represent the specific race that lives through out Balochistan known as
Baloch. This particular race is among those semi-civilized and historic races that hadn’t
got much attention from prominent scholars and so has its language.
It might be something very astounding to know that researcher found out that Balochi’s
ancient alphabets which are known as "Achaemenian Inscription" or Khat-e-Maikhi”
(The inscription of nails). By their manifestation, they might seem like nails.
Incontestably, the earliest in history if Balochi language was written, that had been the
time of Achaemenian Empire in Persia before 5th centaury B.C (550-330 B.C).
Fourteen hundred years from today, after the spread of Islam numerous Muslim
countries initiated the use of Arabic inscriptions, in the mean time Balochi adopted the
Arabic inscription as well. Today, Balochi's three main dialects are known as Makurani,
Sulaimani and Rakhshani.

Balochi doesn’t contain any phonetics that might be hard to pronounce where as a
number of languages do such as Persian, Urdu or Arabic. Though the accent may sound
distinct, but the non-natives learn the mother tongue of Balochs real soon.
Balochs, have always been thought to be distant populace of Arabs, likewise Balochi as a
language had been thought to be derived from Persian. But neither Balochs were Arabs
nor had their language ever been same as Persian. Considerably, Balochi sounds a lot
like Persian and numerous words of Persian are quite similar to Balochi as well but both
are still contradictory to each other.
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