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Balochi Classic Poetry- Mulla Fazul Rind Says:
« on: July 11, 2015, 01:51:39 PM »
Balochi Classic Poetry- Mulla Fazul Rind Says: [/size]The flower (beloved) had rubber her side-locks with musk and saffron,Her face adorned with jewels looked as beautiful as the full moon;This pearl of human being with stately gait is graceful in motion like partridge, Amidst the glitters of stars she is like the sun and the moon,
Her name is ‘L’ and ‘M’ and she is nonpareil;
Her eyebrows are curved like bow,
And the lips thin as pleasing and pleasurable as one feels by tasting hundred of dainty dishes,
Her intoxicated eyes painted with soot are luminous like light;
She possesses beautiful sugar-lips,
And the nose is conspicuous to bewilder the looking glass,
The narrow mouth resembles a small casket fit for keeping rubies,
And the teeth are like silver coins;
Her breasts loaded with fruit are like two bunches of flower,
Her entire form and figure is paragon of beauty;
I love this fairy-like more than hundred of my life and heart,
I am the most afflicted person in the world and am in evil plight in her love;
I am ever entangled in the love of this flower,
O God, associate me with that ignorant friend,
How wonderfully my beloved has been shaped from clay.
(Literary History of Baloches by Sardar Khan Gishkori, Balochi Academy, Quetta)

courtesy by: Panah Baloch
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