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I'm master, Poet:Qasum faraz, Translated by:ShahabAkram
« on: April 10, 2017, 07:59:52 PM »
Poet:Qasum faraz
 Translated by:ShahabAkram

         I'm master

 I'm master
 who at early dawn despite Subject in Class
 Bagwath geetha,
 Greek mythology
 From Socrates till Nietzsche
 Alter deities immensely,
 How we Human
 Teach rationality in myriad hues
 despite board
 assert the letters over forehead
 Amongst Students just Stands one
 repeat the same whinge
 Sir!what you teach is beyond me.
 i get out from class
 At nightfall
 Entire city
 broken and dismantled materials
 filths of heaps
 frayed and dilapidated cubboards
 Get them all cursed over Me
 prefer camel smearing burdens
 After the burial of sulaab
 They doth pin myths on me
 When depart all,
 a snap just listens my ear
 "Die off
 Fucking porky
 teaches geetha meetha

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