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« on: January 19, 2009, 01:23:00 PM »
Once life is created, it can never be destroyed but it changes its form”.

There are four form of life are prominent one is the soul before birth which is living in Alam-e-Arwah, second is after birth in the world, third is the after death in the grave and the last is the long-lasting which has no end is life after the day of judgment. I would like to discuss only the form of life, which is in this world that is the smallest of rest of all forms of life.

This life is not a final destination but it is very little period of stay to recover energy too complete the coming forms of life. It is stage for preparation for the future. This portion of life is so much colorful. Man has the option to do good or bad; he has the power of decision to choose one among the various alternatives in front of him. Also it has the different relations in this part of life these relations are the Father, Mother, Brothers, Sisters, Teachers, Friends, Uncles, Aunties, Nephews, Nice, and Fallows etc. This portion of life determines quality of the coming life. As we know the principle of ALLAH
“As you sow, so shell you reap”

This small portion of life is much complex. We are so much conscious about others. We have to care about all the relatives and friends. This life has several aims, which are in the mind of people but the basic purpose of this life is to praise the Almighty ALLAH. Every person has limited life. This limit is from the ALLAH and nobody can know about this limit. If we lead our life according to the basic purpose then Almighty ALLAH will reward us otherwise punishment will be our fate.

This life has no clear destination b/c we doesn’t know about the next moment. What will be happened next, we are totally blind about that, still man has several other aims of life. He forgets about the temporary nature of life and indulges in this ugly world so much that he starts thinking, “He has a power to maximize his life span b/c he have the wealth and knowledge”. This kind of thinking makes him so much selfish (one who prefer himself on other for every thing). This selfishness makes him cruel, who uses other people as his slaves. When people resist him then he starts using different tools to disgrace him the people and ultimately kill them .In this life of some people come to an end and the proud people laugh at their death.

You can easily access that life of man is so uncertain. I think that life is just like a flying balloon, which is filled with light gas that can be finished at any time during his flight. You daily read in newspapers and listen through T.V. news about the ending of life in various parts of the world. We plane something and get something else. As there is saying of some one

“We never get what we want,
 We never want what we get,
 We never have what we like,
 We never like what we have,
 Still we live, still we love,
 Still we hope, this is life”.

Sometime we get according to our thinking and plane then we become so much proud to other people but when reverse occurs, man starts blaming ALLAH for this misfortune and totally ignores His all blessing.

This small portion of life is also so many forms. If you think awhile about these form of life, you come to know about fallowing common forms of life. Some have prestige life and some others are deprives of their native right of universal freedom, some divides things while some other receives these. Some people lead full disciplined life while some others hates the discipline, some are servant and some are served people, some through jokes while some are at their target, some are so much rich and some are below poverty line, some are millionaire while some other are street beggars, one enjoys the every luxury while some are deprive from basic necessities, some take their meal with Gold or silver spoons while other have no hand to eat, some wear the beautiful and costly cloths while some have nothing to wear, some wear very attractive shoes while some have foot to wear, some move through car, some others through motor bike, some through bicycle and some move bare footed, some rule over while some are ruled by them, some are king while some are their masses, some are so much educated while some other even not know about their creator, some are the killers while some other are killed by them, some are master while some are the slaves, some enjoys freedom while some are in prison, some see this world through their own eyes while other see through the eyes of others.

These all are the aspect of human life but is not only one host. There are so many living things in the world. Living creature so tiny that cannot be observed by naked eye while some are of giant size. Life is exhibited in every part of the world except vacuum.

Mountains, meadows, deserts, ocean, cities and villages, all are full of life. Life of the animal is so much interdependent. Some use some other animal as their food. In this way life finishes the life for the sake of life.

ALLAH has bestowed life with all of its necessary elements (air, water, fire and land) in abundant. These are very important for the existent of life. May Allah bless all of us with extreme success in all form of life . (Ameen)