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What Do You Dream About?
« on: April 08, 2006, 11:50:12 AM »
What Do You Dream About?

Have you ever met anybody who does not dream?
All of us have dreamt of something good or bad before
Some dreams are believed to foretell the future
While few dreams remind us of things we have forgotten
Other dreams are just hallucination and nightmare
What do you dream about?

Some people dream every night
while the others dream once a while
Do you dream straight or opposite?

To dream straight is to see a vision
To dream straight is to have a revelation

Is your dream good, bad or frightening?
Has your dream ever come true?
Do you day-dream or dream while you sleep?
What do you really dream about?

Politicians dream of winning elections
Students dream of passing exams
Soldiers dream of winning battles
Everybody dreams of promotion on the job
Fishermen dream of catching lots of fishes

Some men see their future wives in a vision
Few women see their future husbands in a dream
Almost everybody dreams of winning the lottery

What do you actually dream about?
Many see their enemies in a dream
Few see their true friends in a vision
Others found solutions to their problems in a dream

Can we live on earth without dreaming?
Your answer is as good as mine
Whatever you may dream about
I hope your good dreams come true